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20 Gru 0 Comment

Gordon Goose: Christmas Tree!

Gordon Goose in his new Christmas animated short film. What is Gordon's new Christmas challenge? Do not worry, our goose know what to do!  

04 Gru 0 Comment

Gordon Goose: Risky Life! – making of

Some screen shots from the last episode, Enjoy! :)

01 Gru 0 Comment

Gordon Goose: Risky Life!

Gordon Goose is risking his life in his new funny animated short film. Now or never! Join the movement! ...and GO outside :)

14 Kwi 0 Comment

Gordon Goose: Weekend!

Meet Gordon Goose, funny animated short film about a typical corporat with atypical life. Does your corporation work suck? Don't worry, Gordon's weekend & work sucks even more.  

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